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Welcome on IntanMovie.com Tip : Use the latest browser updates Streaming Online | If Video Loading Continue , please Pause 3 s / d 5 Minutes And Play Again | If Still Remain Do not Play , clear cache and coockie in your browser settings | For android and iOS device please use Firefox for better streaming , When you watch on PC desktop please use Chrome or Baidu browser for better streaming .



Now IntanMovie.com already supported html5 player , if you want to watch using android smartphone device please use Mozilla Firefox so that a stable. If you watch using a PC , please use the Google Chrome browser so stable.

If you want to watch a movie in IntanMovie.com some browser options on a smartphone , you need to install Adobe Flash Player or other special browser such as UC Browser .

List browser that can be used to watch in IntanMovie.com :

Android :

Flashfox : you can download it directly Flashfox

Puffin Browser : you can download it directly Puffin Browser

Baidu Browser : you can download it directly Baidu Browser

IOS (Iphone) :

Photon Browser : you can download it directly Photon Browser

Puffin Browser : you can download it directly Photon Browser


Please clear your browser cache first, how PRESS CTRL + SHIFT + DEL in the browser Mozilla Firefox then reload. already clear cache still can not play ? Please update Flash Player and Java plug-ins are the latest including the ” extension ” in your browser , if they can not play maybe we had a problem with the file in our database , please inform us if there are broken links or films that can not play in the comments / Contact us , we will respond to your report as soon as possible.

Thank you …….

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